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Associated Press Associated Press. Federal prosecutors in New York issued the subpoena on Monday, furthering a federal inquiry into a fund that has faced mounting scrutiny into how it raised and spent its money. Inaugural committee spokeswoman Kristin Celauro told The Associated Press that the committee had received the subpoena and was still reviewing it.

Inaugural Transitions

The newspaper reported late last year that federal prosecutors are investigating whether committee donors made contributions in exchange for political favors — a potential violation of federal corruption laws. The New York Times reported late last year that federal prosecutors are examining whether anyone from Qatar, Saudi Arabia or other Middle Eastern countries made illegal payments to the committee and a pro-Trump super political action committee.

Foreign contributions to inaugural funds and PACs are prohibited under federal law. The head of the inaugural committee, Tom Barrack, confirmed to The Associated Press that he was questioned by special counsel Robert Mueller in He told the AP he was not a target of the Mueller investigation.

Inauguration of Academic Year 2018/12222

Support Provided By: Learn more. Read Oct 19 Impeachment inquiry puts spotlight on Perry, who shunned it.

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Inaugural Transitions - AGB

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As soon as the sitting president announces retirement, the board should set an end date for the current president and a start date for the incoming president.


The date may have to be adjusted, as search processes always move more slowly than one would prefer, but having a plan in place sets expectations for both the incoming and outgoing presidents. A quick review of position announcements reveals most presidential appointments begin on the first day of July, usually the most lethargic month on a college campus. Perhaps the thinking is that a July start date will allow presidents to move in, find their way around town, and redecorate their offices before faculty and staff arrive in August.

However, starting the presidency soon after spring graduation in May or June affords the opportunity for introductions to trustees, donors, and friends of the university, as well as conversations with faculty and staff before students return in the fall. Accelerating the process from a typical July 1 start date to immediately following graduation is worth the expense of buying out the contract of the outgoing president, if necessary. The outgoing president sits in a swiveling seat.

On the one hand, he or she is looking toward retirement or the next opportunity. Outgoing presidents experience sadness, a sense of loss, regret over unfinished initiatives, and anxiety about the next phase of their lives. The incoming president receives all the press, much of the attention, and perks the outgoing president did not receive.

While being sensitive to the transition of someone whose role has been to take center stage, the board can encourage the outgoing president to share the stage when possible and plan events that include both presidents. A article on presidential transitions that appeared in Inside Higher Ed suggested that the following questions can be helpful in negotiating ground rules for a positive transition:.

A presidential transition is a busy time for the board of trustees. The search committee, which usually includes members of the executive committee of the board, has devoted time away from their families and their work to select the president, but the work is not yet complete. A transition team should be appointed and in place to assist the new president as soon as the announcement is made. My own transition team—primarily the vice president of advancement and the executive administrative assistant to the president—was devoted to scheduling as many meetings as possible.

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The whirlwind of activity, without day-to-day operational responsibilities, gave me the contacts and knowledge I needed to begin leading the university with confidence by the time the students arrived in August. The work has become increasingly complex for the university president, once seen as an intellectual scholar who had the time to leisurely dine with students.

A president today often finds him- or herself trapped among several forces:. It is difficult to find a president who can navigate the complexities with relationship skill and emotional intelligence.

Video Essay: A Look Back at the Inauguration

New presidents need and deserve a strong start, backed by a board of trustees and a transition team who understand their role in bridging the gap between old and new administrations. Joint efforts will set the stage for the new president to lead the institution into the future. Most board members will experience a presidential search and transition during their service. Last year, he approached the board chair and said he knew he was at an ideal transition point professionally; in addition, he and his wife knew the time was right personally for his retirement.

The institution, too, was at an ideal place for a transition, as our comprehensive campaign goal was well in sight and our strategic plan was at the midway point. The decision was shared with the board in January and announced to the campus in March. The board viewed the transition as an opportunity to reflect upon the trajectory of the institution and to determine a search process that met the needs of the university, the board, and the campus community.

Board chairs should accept their positions knowing that a presidential search and transition could occur during their tenure.

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For this reason, a board chair should always have possible search committee chairs and members in mind. For the Drake search, board members interested in serving were asked to self-nominate, as the board chair recognized that appointing members to these posts was unrealistic—searches take a lot of time, energy, and interest, so candidates must weigh their ability and capacity to meet these needs.

We defined roles as follows:. We were lucky not to find ourselves in that situation and to have a retiring president the board respected and trusted. The committee and search chair asked then-President Maxwell to provide feedback on the position description and announcement, serve as a resource to the final candidates, and provide his insights on the candidates. His role was not interviewer or assessor, but rather responder to questions. After all, who knows better the history and demands of the position?

I knew the job better than any of the board members, and I felt my insights on the current and future position were valued. We approached our collective work as if it were a relay race—the faculty, search committee, and board each had to run legs of the race in succession and ensure that the handoff of the baton would be seamless.

But in our case, rather than just allowing the previous runners to fall back, we insisted that each group build off the momentum of those who came before them and then include them in the next lap. And that approach paid off. Before we could begin our race, we had to define what we needed to accomplish and how the race would be run.

Some board members were concerned that a two-committee process might intrude on board prerogative, but we were clear at all times about who held final decision-making responsibilities.

Introduce the New President As Soon As Possible

Very early on in the process, the search chair and search consultant met with the faculty, staff, and student representatives on the campus committee to discuss their roles and to lay the groundwork for the search. We made the case for a closed, confidential search—confidentiality was necessary to attract the caliber of candidate that would be a fit for Drake long term. The campus committee trusted our guidance and agreed.

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