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Or a little later and in the same place, the National Front—the Right wing party at the time, that initially claimed an affiliation with the entire skinhead subculture, and then fostered the development of its own rock music scene: white power music Corte and Edwards What else do we know? We know that music is an organizing device.

Politics And Music Essay Concentration For Writing Musicvideohistorytimelinep

Arguably, young people in particular would much rather go to a festival where music is the overarching activity than go listen to a political speech. Organizers know this well too. We now have accounts of how music festivals can provide safe havens where extreme politics can be lived openly and loudly Futrell et al. Then, we have great pieces on how music helps activists feel emotionally connected—we call it collective identity Melucci —and feel energized—we call that collective effervescence Durkheim We have research on how music can be publicized to appeal to different target audiences, and then be used to derive material resources such as money, which can subsequently be transferred to finance other political projects Corte and Edwards We even have studies on how music can function as a guideline for individualized participation in diffused, non-institutional contexts instead of movement organizations Haenfler Furthermore, both Roscigno and Danaher and Eyerman and Jamison , have emphasized that music can provide a free space where grievances can be shared and new forms of knowledge derived.

But apart from what I may be forgetting or have decided not to put into here, what are we missing?

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I think that Summers-Effler is correct saying that the body, and bodily lived experiences are missing from the social movement literature, and music is probably no complete exception, and also a place where I think this avenue could be valuably undertaken. Within these last few years there have been a number of papers calling for a corrective towards the hyper-specialized, highly fragmented, and some would say, quite unoriginal state of much of North American sociology. There is a clear risk of over-generalizing here, but sometimes—as I have been told—one has to be bold or even sound a little extreme, to move things forward even just a little.

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These papers—whether explicitly or implicitly—often refer to some kind of synthesis work, or theoretical development through extension Snow et al. This critique also applies to the study of social movements. The study of social movements in North American sociology has over the last thirty-five years grown to become a distinct and large subfield with its own journals and audience. Those who started this field had to look for one another, and matters of academic affiliation and conventions were either secondary, or did not yet exist. Any subculture, if you would allow me the comparison, operates in a similar way.

So, at this point, how does one innovate? By looking back and around to move forward while trying to evade the structural constraints of the present built on established past ideas. Practically, innovation often derives from looking to other fields and areas, instead of inward, and this is what I am suggesting. So, where should one look?

The interdisciplinary journal Music and Arts in Action MAiA certainly provides a first reading spot, as well as a venue where to publish research that may not fit the specialized sub- discipline journals. Another one, which will take much more time to explore, but I think would lead to the most interesting leads, ideas, data and sources is the interdisciplinary Handbook of Music and Emotions by psychologists Patrik Juslin and John Sloboda Similarly, the authors have another—albeit less comprehensive—edited volume on this topic: Music and Emotion: Theory and Research Juslin and Sloboda A few years ago, Reebee Garofalo in a private e-mail communication commenting on the piece I wrote with Bob Edwards, asked us how the reinforcement of ideologies occurs through the interplay between the lyrics of the music, the sounds of the music itself, and the various signs and symbols that comprise the context for the music.

Where are the bodies in movement? Those practices can supply members with social solidarity and emotional energy Collins nurturing feelings of loyalty towards the group and its ideas, antipathy towards adversaries, and energizing them to persist. They are embodied phenomena that link the sociological, psychological, and physiological together because of the strong coalescences of symbols, face-to-face interactions, social and physical barriers to outsiders, and rhythmic entrainment. In this sense musical rituals can become some of the most intense forms of face-to-face interaction, harmonizing the emotions and ideas of participants, instilling them with high levels of energy to support their cause, and imbuing grievances with strong emotional significance see also Parker and Hackett , forthcoming who relate these concepts to creativity in scientific groups, and Summers-Effler , who relates them to activism.

To improve the current state of social movement studies we should strive for synthesis while adopting cross-disciplinary approaches. Integration of psychological, social-psychological, and neuroscientific research on emotions and music, along with scholarship on subcultures see Black Hawk and Lorr , small group dynamics Fine ; Corte , and ritual interaction Collins ; Summers-Effler could provide social movement scholars with fresh insights, theories, ideas and data for advancing this exciting area. Such cross-disciplinary pollination would also no doubt benefit our scientific colleagues researching in these complementary specialties.

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Find Another Essay On Music in politics

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Music In Politics Essay

Lahusen, Christian. Walter de Gruyter. McAdam, Doug. Melucci, Alberto. Temple University Press. Owens, Peter B. Parker, John N. Turner and Jan Stets, Eds. Roscigno, Vincent J. The voice of southern labor: radio, music, and textile strikes, University of Minnesota Press. Snow, David A. The artwork on her albums has been a guerrilla-style pastiche of colorful graffiti, rebel symbols such as a Tamil Tiger and blunt graphics of bombs and tanks.

Essay on Mixing Music and Politics - Words | Bartleby

To be sure, a handful of contemporary artists have taken provocative political stands in the post-Sept. Bush at a London concert shortly before the invasion of Iraq. Nostalgia may distort impressions of the political content of past musical eras. About Us. Brand Publishing.

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