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  1. 126. Class 9 & 10 Short Essay and Article on : Advertisement : Boon or Bane
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Today, science has so much involved in our life that it is really hard to imagine living without the science.

Every part of life whether it is food or recreation is related to science and its various ways. To decide that whether science is a boon or a bane for mankind is not a simple decision. We should first look for the exact meaning of science. A systematic classification of experiences is called as scientific. We surprise many times at various events happening around us due to technology and science. We get doubts; what are they? These concerns are the primary seed products for technology.

126. Class 9 & 10 Short Essay and Article on : Advertisement : Boon or Bane

First start from thinking, reasoning, research, features, evaluation and distinction and lastly the fact comes out. According to Scientists, there is a scientific method for everything and there are unavoidable actions to be followed:. The basic aim of Science is to look for reality and to find those factors, formally uncommon. A scientist cannot accept the principles, usually because; they were accepted by others formerly. Great discoveries are always coming from reasoning. In other words a picture perfect house for an overworked, hassled housewife who would obey any command in order to change places with the woman in the advertisement.

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The ads capitalize on feelings of inadequacy and offer immediate solutions in the form of products which will make us like the people in the ads. I once happened to ask my friend what he was doing on a Friday afternoon to which he replied I am watching advertisements of shampoo, washing powder, cooking oil, etc. I was a bit shocked at his reply but knowing his jovial nature I probed further and asked him what he was really doing, to which he replied that the whole family was watching TV which was taken over by advertisements between segments of soap operas which kept audiences glued to their TV sets.

Washing powder advertisements always show white clothes as the benchmark for checking the cleaning ability of the powder which is always better compared to any other washing powder. In modern times it is surprising that white clothes are being shown as being cleaned when the majority of clothes which people wear, especially women, are colored. White clothes are shown so that women identify their feelings with them and since some amount of inferiority complex is always present in people, especially women, they identify cleaning clothes as removing dirt or feelings of inferiority from their beings.

This is why white clothes are always shown in all washing powder advertisements to reinstate a feeling of purity in their hearts via the clothes. In many advertisements of household items such as mixers, grinders, clothes irons, egg beaters or whatever, the ad will always show the woman having extra powers, almost like a man, in dealing with household problems. She quickly gives a fitting reply to somebody in case he tries to act smart with her.

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Another fact which is noticeable in all advertisements appealing to women, be it of washing powder or cooking oil, is men working in the kitchen or washing clothes. This serves to satisfy the fantasy of women who wish to have men working with them, bonding with them over housework, providing their time and energy instead of demanding food or housework from them, which often drains them of energy. Women give importance to relationships and most of the advertisements show how relationships can be maintained or strengthened because of chocolates or other products.

Mothers-in-law approve of everything new daughters-in-law bring or do, provided it is from that company. Email Address. I'm in!!! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. According to me advertisement is beneficial for commercial purpose. Advertisement means a public notice , through advertisement people can get the information what is the product? How much does it costs?

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How it can use? Even those people living in the remote area they also can understand the product through television or newspaper.

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If any company launch any new product they give the advertisement and advertising agency they are very creative , they have to think how they will make the presentation? People can eat it.

Advertising in the Media Essay - Words | Bartleby

Each and every product advertisement are available from toothpaste , detergent, soap to dresses , cosmetics, medicine, furniture and Gold ornament everything and where discount is available , how it can use even those are uneducated people they also can get the information. But consumerism is increasing day by day , today it can buy , tomorrow it is getting old , people wants to buy another one. Rich people also desire , poor people also they have desire. Nowadays advertisement is a thriving business and many people involved in this work and it is very useful for commercial purpose.

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