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First of all immigrant is what set America different from other country.

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The multi-cultural of immigrants is what make America unique. Moreover, America also learn from immigrant : from practical skills. Karina Tantalean U. S History 2 Period 1 Mr. Luckily I am Irish and can speak English although in an accent, because most of the Asians were banned because of their language in which almost no one understood.

When I arrived, they asked me to speak and I did but I did so as. Summary The immigrants are the persons who move from home country and desire to become a member of the new culture and setting in a country to which they are not native.

When a person travels or immigrants to a new country, they may have a personal disorientation because they suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture or way of life. Immigrant in United States For many years, the United States opened its doors to welcome those seeking political and religious freedom as well as the "adventurer, the wanderer, the persecuted, the fortune seekers, and others.

This country was, and continues to be a kaleidoscope of ethnic and cultural groups. One common belief is that wanderers from Northeast Asia originally peopled America about 20, years ago.

These wanderers were. The U. People migrate from their own countries for different reasons: war, famine, poverty, political corruption, and religious intolerance. Most immigrants are in search of a better quality of life. Different aspects of their lives motivate each of the migrants to relocate.

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For example, some people. Undocumented immigrants are people who have entered a country without permission otherwise known as illegal immigrants. Undocumented means that the US government has no record of them ever entering the country. But even a regional system like the EU faces difficulties. Its flow of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers becomes more pressing as the EU expands and borders are relaxed. The EU system for managing refugees even buckled with the surge of asylum seekers in the last decade.

While all these factors combine to make immigration reform difficult, pressures to modernize immigration systems are only going to mount. Growing demand for basic manpower and fierce competition for the highly-skilled worker, when coupled with a demographic decline in the receiving countries, have created economic opportunities for migrants. Family networks and kinship ties make it easier for people to move long distances by lowering the transaction costs.

And when legal migration is not an option, some migrants have turned to professional smugglers, creating a global industry of migrant smuggling. In almost 4, migrants perished at sea while trying to enter the EU. The extension of rights to migrants also has become an important part of the immigration story. If a migrant can establish some claim to residence in a liberal state, his or her chances of being able to remain and settle will increase.

Interview with an immigrant 4 pages single spaced - Essay Example

Witness Central American children arriving at the U. As well, developments in international human rights law have helped to solidify their rights. And, once extended, rights are hard to roll back. How well powerful nations like the U. As states struggle to meet this challenge they must keep balancing security, economic, legal, and foreign policy interests.

And they are likely to encounter a liberal paradox for decades to come. Main Menu. Copyright George W. Bush Presidential Center. All Rights Reserved. Winter Issue Jenny Martinez hugs her son, William Martinez, as they talk to the media about her trip from El Salvador and her need for asylum in America on May 19, in Miramar, Florida. Seasonal agricultural field workers cut and package lettuce in Salinas, California on April 19, She arrived in the U.

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Immigration - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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