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Others confirm that there have been massacres but say they avoid the use of the term Genocide. He resigned from the position of the chairman of the board of directors of the Institute of Turkish Studies, which he had held since As he announced, he had to resign due to the pressure of the Turkish ambassador Nabi Shensoy after he characterised the massacres of Armenians in Turkey as genocide. Shensoy rejected the allegations. Quataert's resignation created a scandal in academia and a number of members of the board of directors of the Institute resigned as well after the announcement.

Mervat Hatem the director of Middle East Studies Association addressed the Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan a harsh letter, whereby he expressed grave concerns with the announcements of Turkish officials to stop the financing of the Institute if Quataert didn't renounce his assessments publicly. Hatem also noted, that "the resignations are in contradiction with those many requests to leave the discussion and the assessment of the Armenian Genocide to the academia instead of discussing it on the political arena that Turkey has been making.

Officially the state of Israel neither recognizes nor denies the Armenian Genocide. Politicians from primarily left wing and centrist parties such as Meretz and Kadima , but also occasionally right wing parties such as Likud , have been promoting recognition and commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. This cooperation is significant since it includes activists and politicians who usually are on the opposing sides of the political spectrum. Yet the official line of all Israeli governments has been to keep the status quo, partially because of modern-day real-politik reasons.

Right-wing party Yisrael Beiteinu Israel Our Home claims that Genocide discussions would jeopardise Israel-Azerbaijan and Israel-Turkish relations and hurt close economic and military cooperation with them. These two countries are essential for Israel's regional policy and interests opposing Iran. In , Yosef Shagal , an Azerbaijani Jew and now retired Israeli parliamentarian from Israel Our Home stated in an interview to Azerbaijan media which officially denies the genocide : "I find it deeply offensive, and even blasphemous to compare the Holocaust of European Jewry during the Second World War with the mass extermination of the Armenian people during the First World War.

Jews were killed because they were Jews, but Armenians provoked Turkey and should blame themselves. Despite this controversy, there are several prominent Armenian Genocide Memorials in the State of Israel. Hebrew University scholar Yehuda Bauer wrote: [76]. The differences between the holocaust and the Armenian massacres are less important than the similarities—and even if the Armenian case is not seen as a holocaust in the extreme form which it took towards Jews, it is certainly the nearest thing to it.

I am aware of the sensitivity of this issue. But let us be clear: This is not an accusation of Turkey today or of the current Turkish government. Concerned about the negative reaction of Turkey if the president signed the petition, unnamed officials of the Foreign Ministry welcomed what they called Rivlin's "statesmanship.

U.S. Criticizes Armenian Vote On Crimea

According to the Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity , the denial of Armenian genocide is "the most patent example of a state's denial of its past". Historians mark that "the genocide of the Armenians has been denied to this day by successive Turkish governments, with the exception of the short-lived imperial government that existed between the end of World War I and the ascendance of the Kemalist nationalist regime in the early s.

Mark Potok, the editor of Intelligence Report , wrote:. Some semi-official Turkish narratives now claim, in effect, that the Armenians actually carried out genocidal attacks on the Turks. Neo-Nazis and their scholarly enablers say that "the Jews" manufactured tall tales of the Holocaust in order to extort money and other concessions from postwar Germany. Neo-Confederates like Doug Wilson, a far-right pastor in Moscow, Idaho, tell their listeners with a straight face that the Civil War was nothing less than a defense of righteous Christian civilization and that blacks really didn't mind slavery.

These lies all serve current agendas—to demonize and minimize the historical claims of Armenians, Jews, and African Americans. Colin Tatz , Professor of Macquarie University , considers the nature of Turkish denial industry as "pernicious, outrageous and continued": "Here is a modern state, totally dedicated, at home and abroad, to extraordinary actions to have every hint or mention of an Armenian genocide removed, contradicted, explained, countered, justified, mitigated, rationalised, trivialised and relativised.

McLaughlin, J. Muncie and G. Hughes conclude:. If the Turkish government can deny that the Armenian genocide happened; if revisionist historians and neo-Nazis deny that Holocaust took place; if powerful states all around the world today can systematically deny the systematic violations of human rights they are carrying out — then we know that we're in bad shape. In , psychologist Robert Jay Lifton received a letter from Nuzhet Kandemir, Turkish ambassador to the United States, questioning his inclusion of references to the Armenian Genocide in one of his books.

The ambassador inadvertently included a draft of a letter, presented by denier Heath W. Lowry , advising the ambassador on how to prevent mention of the Armenian Genocide in scholarly works.

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The incident has been the subject of numerous reports as to ethics in scholarship. In order to institutionalize this campaign of denial and try to invest it with an aura of legitimacy, a "think-tank" was established in Ankara in April Operating under the name " Institute for Armenian Research " as a subsidiary of The Center For Eurasian Studies, with a staff of nine, this new outfit is now proactively engaged in contesting all claims of genocide by organizing a series of conferences, lectures, and interviews, and above all, through the medium of publications, including a quarterly.

Knights and Daughters of Vartan Sponsor Genocide Commemoration Essay Contest

Open University of Israel scholar Yair Auron has addressed the various means employed by the Turkish government to obscure the reality of the Armenian Genocide: [91]. Since the s, the Turkish government has supported the establishment of "institutes" affiliated with respected universities, whose apparent purpose is to further research on Turkish history and culture, but which also tend to act in ways that further denial.

The Armenian genocide is a contemporary current issue, given the persistent aggressive denial of the crime by the Turkish government-not withstanding its own judgment in courts martial after the first World War, that its leading ministers had deliberately planned and carried out the annihilation of Armenians, with the participation of many regional administrators.

According to American scholars Roger W. The government of Turkey has channeled funds into a supposedly objective research institute in the United States, which in turn paid the salary of a historian who served that government in its campaign to discredit scholarship on the Armenian genocide. On 9 June , in a full-page statement in The New York Times , scholars, including Nobel Prize -winner Elie Wiesel , historian Yehuda Bauer , and sociologist Irving Horowitz , signed a document "affirming that the World War I Armenian genocide is an incontestable historical fact and accordingly urge the governments of Western democracies to likewise recognize it as such.

Wiesel himself has repeatedly called Turkey's year-old campaign to cover up the Armenian genocide a double killing, since it strives to kill the memory of the original atrocities. In an open letter by the "Danish Department for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and the denial and relativization of the Armenian genocide", historians Torben Jorgensen and Matthias Bjornlund wrote: [95].

When it comes to the historical reality of the Armenian genocide, there is no "Armenian" or "Turkish" side of the "question, " any more than there is a "Jewish" or a "German" side of the historical reality of the Holocaust: There is a scientific side, and an unscientific side acknowledgment or denial.

In the case of the denial of the Armenian genocide, it is even founded on a massive effort of falsification, distortion, cleansing of archives, and direct threats initiated or supported by the Turkish state, making any "dialogue" with Turkish deniers highly problematic. Philip L.

Kohl and Clare Fawcett write that the "Armenian cultural remains in neighboring Turkey are frequently dismissed or referred to as "Ottoman period" monuments", and that the continued denial of the state-sponsored genocide is "related to these practices".

Events prior to and the writings of past generations became a closed book. Gunter 's book Armenian History and the Question of Genocide. In June , in a petition signed by many world-renowned genocide scholars, calling to the Swedish Parliament to "Recognize the genocide for what it is". Refusal to recognize established fact, based on qualitative and quantitative research, may be regarded as being tantamount to denial.

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  4. The researchers have done their job in establishing the reality of the Armenian Genocide. Now, the turn has come for the political leaders to fulfill their responsibility by recognizing this calamity for what it was. Some countries, including Cyprus [8] have adopted laws that punish genocide denial. In October , the French National Assembly , despite opposition from foreign minister Philippe Douste-Blazy , [] passed a bill which if approved by the Senate would make Armenian Genocide denial a crime.

    The Council said the "ruling causes uncertainty regarding expressions and comments on historical matters.

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    Thereby, this ruling is an unnecessary and disproportionate attack against freedom of speech. In October, the Swiss court ruled that three Turks were guilty of racial discrimination after having claimed that the Armenian Genocide was an "international lie. In November American historian Bernard Lewis said in an interview that calling the massacres committed by the Turks in a genocide was just "the Armenian version of this history".

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    $1, Scholarship to Raise Awareness of the Armenian Genocide

    Time Europe later apologized for allowing the inclusion of the DVD and published a critical letter signed by five French organizations. The magazine described the DVDs contents as a "so-called documentary" that "presents a one-sided view of history that does not meet our standards for fairness and accuracy". The Turkish government, in advance of the anniversary of years from the genocide at , has reverted to the position that the matter should be subject to further study by historians, sponsoring the website www.

    The committee also launched the Twitter hashtag lethistorydecide. The campaign had a strong social media presence, including Twitter historydecide , Instagram and Facebook. The main slogan of the campaign was: "Unite us, not divide us. The film The Ottoman Lieutenant , co-produced in Turkey, was released around the period of that of the film The Promise , a film depicting the Armenian genocide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Historical negationism Historical revisionism. See also: Armenian-Turkish relations. Main article: The Ottoman Lieutenant. Archived from the original on 5 October Retrieved 18 July New York: Penguin Press, , p.

    Archived from the original on 16 April Retrieved Library of Congress. Archived from the original on 14 April Open Society Institute. Archived from the original on 19 September Archived from the original on 29 September Retrieved 30 June Archived from the original on 8 April Retrieved 6 April Archived from the original on 21 July Retrieved 11 May Archived from the original on 1 March Retrieved 29 December The Armenian Weekly.

    Knights & Daughters of Vartan Hosting Armenian Genocide Essay Contest

    Archived from the original on 25 April Retrieved 24 April Anti-Defamation League. The Washington Post. Transaction Publishers, , p. The New York Times. Archived from the original on 17 April Retrieved 1 November Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences.