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Though Notre-Dame to Paris is considered to be a negative intelligence by Gridlocked, it was a model for many edifices of lesser dimension and importance in the diocese of Paris during the last third of the twelfth century. The very large, well lit gallery opens to the central nave through triple arched openings. However, flying buttresses were not added to the choir. The Chartres type is believed not only to have served as a model for the great cathedrals both in and out of France, but also its formal and structural success is believed to have made it a kind of masterpiece sue genesis whose historical value surely matches that of the cost celebrated creations of world architecture.

Gothic style is not to be found in the Chartres type, but instead in mid-thirteenth century art: namely Reentrant style. The choirs of Paris cathedrals all share certain features that make the real culmination of the Gothic principles of space and construction. Gridlocked p. The transept is borrowed from the Cathedral of Llano. Chartres is three stories and resembles Sense with one difference: the arcade and clerestory are of equal height, separated by a auditorium much like that of Loons. The design of the interior volumes, the delineations of bays by piers and collocates, the rigor of the side aisles and ambulatory — these features comprise one of the most logical spatial arrangements known to Gothic architecture.

Gridlocked, p. The influence of this extraordinary structure was immediate and widespread. Chartres prompted the elimination of the gallery during construction and the rejection of certain characteristic Champagne features. The twelfth century design of Notre-Dame had been superseded. There are some discrepancies about when Gothic first came to England. The presence of the Burgundies elements at York virtually proves that the northern English Sectarians were the medium by which both the architect and the Gothic elements of his design were transmitted. The society of the medieval time played an important role in the creation of these Gothic Cathedrals.

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Swan seems to think that the peasants felt that the cathedrals were not meant for their presence except during construction when they offered their carts or labor for building. This would suffice to say that the annotators were of low class peasants. Cranes and pulleys powered by men and animals were used to haul stones. Cathedrals were expensive to build; the money came from gifts of land, farms, houses, and Jewels. Many people believed that donating money would forgive their sins.

The workers such as the architects, sculptors, blacksmiths, and many others, believed that being a part of the construction would bring them fame and fortune.

People offered prayers and offerings to God at the great Cathedrals thinking it would bring a prosperous and healthy life. At anytime were the townspeople feeling downhearted or prosperous for any reason, their first priority was to go to the center of town and thank God at the cathedral. Praising the Lord became a ritual of everyday life. As one of the largest buildings of its time, the cathedrals represented the heavens in which people believed was peaceful and serene.

France was the birthplace of the Gothic Style. French cathedrals began the Gothic era that spread throughout Europe n a rage that has never been seen since. English cathedrals combine the art of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The cathedrals represented faith, dedication and cooperation. And showed the people that even if they had a miserable life, they could always turn to the comforting church for salvation. Cathedrals across the world come in many shapes and sizes but all have the same purpose, to serve as a place to praise Jesus.

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They will always be around to show the roots of Christianity and portray the architectural skills served by the people of the middle ages. Discuss where the style began and the various ways it developed across Europe. When analyzing the building style use the terminology associated with the style for the architectural and sculptural elements. Use 3 examples in your answer. Gothic architecture originated in France during the 12th century and was a continuing advancement of Romanesque pilgrimage style which, in itself, was an evolution of the Roman basilica floor plan.

This style permeated throughout the European countryside and was the prominent look of the Gothic Gothic art and architecture played a very important role in the appearance of medieval times. The approximate time frame of the Gothic stage began in , preceding the Romanesque period. Gothic art was first considered very ugly and was believed that barbarians were only capable of making such pieces. So, the name gothic meaning ghost was given to this time period. Now in the 20th century people think Gothic art is beautiful and admire it greatly.

While looking at the church you take note of the pointed As with most modernization, new concepts are often refined versions of previous techniques. Although structural design during the Middle Ages was already advancing at a large scale, distortions of the classical style were not too apparent until the Gothic era occurred. Taking place during a time of turmoil with the Hundred Years' War and the Black Plague, the Gothic age emerged right as European society was forced into a reflective change.

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With an increase in trade and a growing violation, an associated development of cities also occurred. Since it was more plausible to centralize churches and monasteries within towns, advancements Gothic Architecture in Medieval France As with most modernization, new concepts are often refined versions of previous techniques. Since it was more plausible to centralize churches Erwin Panoply's Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism presents a compelling connection between the architectural styles of Gothic Cathedrals and the order and form of the Scholastic school of thought.

Focusing on the " mile zone around Paris" during the years between and where and when Scholasticism was the dominate theory of education and Gothic architecture began to take a stronghold over the ageing Romanesque style. In Panoply's own words "A connection between Gothic art and Scholasticism which is more concrete than a mere "parallelism" He connection which I have in mind is a genuine cause-and-effect elation. Classical and Gothic Architecture The cultures of the ancient Greeks and medieval Europeans were significantly influenced by religion.

Greek Classicism brought about some of the most beautiful artwork and architecture that still exists today. The style strives to exemplify a culture of harmony, order, reason, intellect, objectivity, and formal discipline Spore, Classicism is best exemplified in the ancient temples that are found throughout the region of Greece and Italy. Gothic style art and architecture began in the areas surrounding Paris in the sixteenth century Spore, Similarly, the Gothic architecture of the late medieval era is best exemplified in InfluenceThe church in the Middle Ages was a place that all people, regardless ofclass, could belong to.

In this case, most of the contact intensity would go towards chance contacts or even acquaintanceship if a regular customer familiarizes witha seller.

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The intersections are merely a crossing for the pedestrians where they use the existing traffic lights to traverse the other side. People would gather and wait at the edge of the road in order to cross the wide busy road. Thus, the contact intensity would normally not go beyond passive contacts since it is dominated by necessary activities, primarily travelling. The contact frequency would vary as it would be higher during lunch hour or during the weekends when there are more people shopping.

Comparison: There is a huge contrast between the intersections of the two places. Therefore, the narrowness of Tieshuxie Street creates opportunities for contact through encroachment of businesses on the street. Conversely, Jalan TAR is a high-speed vehicular road which separates the two ends of the road, disallowing any social connection between them. Therefore, Jalan TAR itself is an edge which acts as a boundary that breaks the continuity Lynch, Because the plaza is surrounded by small businesses, it has become a successful recreational area for optional and social activities.

People would sit here waiting for an acquaintance buying at a nearby shop or just leisurely enjoy the streetscape. Also, the place could well be a popular hangout area for friends and close friends living in close proximity. Contact frequency is high because the plaza is not only an open space, but also an intersection. Musical performances are held every night by street artists and they would gather more than a hundred people.

Thus, this contact point is heavily reliant on optional activity because they attract people by recreational means. The people attending to these occasions would vary from families to friends which would suggest a relatively high contact intensity however passive contacts would be more evident during the day. Similar to thestreets, the contact frequency differs greatly betweenthe day and night, having a low frequency during day but extremely high at night. Furthermore, these plazas can be categorized as nodes, strategic points of activity Lynch, and proves that people and humanactivity being thegreatest object of attention and interest Gehl, , where people attract people, leading to a large congregation.

One major influence is the climate of the particular country. Dashilanr District, located in China, experiences four seasons and its average temperatureis cooler than Kuala Lumpur. This factor determines why people in Tieshuxie Street is more willing to go out or perform more optional activities. Because fenestration has an innate capacity to inscribe architecture withthe character of a region Frampton, which is why Malaysiarequires the design of the shophouse having a 5-foot way as a shaded walkway.

It also explains the temporal factor for contact points in Jalan TAR between day and night while Tieshuxie Street does not show such differences. Furthermore, people in Tieshuxie Street do not mind walking to a nearby local stores to buy groceries while the residents of Jalan TAR require large air-conditioned supermarkets, such as Mydin, nearby to get their essentials. In short, climate has always played a part of shaping both our history and culture because it has decided our preference of going outdoors or staying indoors.

Next, another aspect is the statuses of both areas.

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Danshilar District is regarded as a residential and commercial heritage zone while the vicinity around Jalan TAR is treated as a developing commercial center. Hence, this creates a distinction between preservation and change. Also, this is a major factor for the difference of contact intensities, Danshilar has a higher intensity due to a community engaging in close proximity, thus able to establish greater relationships among locals.

Conversely, the widening of roads in Jalan TAR pulls thecommunity apart withlonger travel distances, reducing the contact intensity amonglocals. The element of proximity affects theconnectivity and access betweenbuildings which enhances the previous statement of how the locals are more inclined to go out or not.

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In addition, the greater proximity between opposite buildings in Jalan TAR coupled with the presence of fast-moving cars tends to make pedestrians moveat a faster pace than Tieshuxie Street. This is because the pedestrian is limited to one side of buildings attracting his attention while the other side are fast-moving vehicles. Due to the speed of the vehicles, it creates a mental impression that the place is unsafe, so the pedestrian wants to move away as quickly as possible.

Moreover, the large distance between buildings leaves the pedestrians more exposed to intense sunlight during the day. Figure 4. For example, the wide walkway from Jalan TAR mentioned before was specifically catered for large masses of people as the municipal had prepared benches and pleasant vegetations, howeveryouwould find them mostly empty during the day.

However, Tieshuxie Street is such a constricted passage which its width could only fit no more than small 2 cars, is so often used for pedestrian commute.